Furalquip Furan Resin

Furalquip is a resin manufactured by Quipasur in our reactors, under the most demanding quality standards.

Developed to meet the highest technical and environmental requirements of the acid-catalyzed furanic autofracturing process, Furalquip resin is characterized by low odor and fume emissions.


Its Main Properties

  • Very high reactivity
  • High hot strength
  • Low odor emission
  • Good desanding

Alkaline Phenolic Resin

Resin for ester catalyzed Alkaline Phenolic Alkaline self-curing molding process.

It has a dark reddish appearance and is nitrogen-free. RFQ resins are characterized by a high resistance in the mold, achieving excellent results in castings.



RFQ resin is used in the manufacture of molds and sand cores, ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

  • Low odor emission
  • Easy desanding
  • Good hot resistors
  • It allows to work any type of foundry sand.