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With more than 100 different formulations and the possibility to develop customized to develop customized products for each customer's needs.


NitraComp25® is a concentrated, soluble solution of modified amino methylene ureas,
produced by stable chemical reactions between concentrated urea and methylformadehyde.

The resulting resin is 100% water soluble, allows the immediate release and assimilation of 70% of the available nitrogen and the remaining 30% acts as a controlled release with a long lasting effect (3 to 4 weeks).

Nitrafert® 35-0-0

Nitrafert® 35-0-0 is a slow-release liquid nitrogen fertilizer, designed to withstand low temperatures, which provides a constant supply of nitrogen through its plimeric chains and the action of soil enzymes, closely following the nitrogen demand of the crop.

It provides a low leaching nutrition with high yields, since it improves the efficiency of nitrogen use, thus allowing to obtain lower application rates, maintaining and even increasing crop yields.

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Quipasur has the technical capacity to develop, formulate and produce all types of agronutrients.
We have 20,000 m2 of installed capacity to be able to generate the products.


We have the experience to generate liquid mixtures based on different raw materials. For NPK blends we have several sources of nitrogen, being certified to handle ammonium nitrate. We make tailor-made suits, for which we have reactors of different sizes and layouts.

Ammonium Nitrate

Quipasur generates ammonium nitrate solutions from prill product, which ensures that the final product has 50% nitric nitrogen and 50% ammoniacal nitrogen. Our base product has at least 34% nitrogen.


We have the possibility of blending with urea, as well as generating UAN32. We have a storage capacity of 1.5 million liters.

Silicon Solutions

We have sodium and potassium silicates with various sources of silicon and potassium.