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Quipasur Explora Oportunidades en Perú


Quipasur and CyT Representations Join Forces

In the Foundry Sector in Peru


Quipasur Obtains Directemar Certification

For Their Antifouling Paints


Quipasur patents new exothermic tablet

Increases the efficiency of the feeding system in foundries


Quipasur recognized by ME Elecmetal

As a Supplier of Excellence






Animal Nutrition




40 years

Leading the market

We are a national company with more than 40 years of experience in the chemical industry participating in the chemical industry market with products of excellence that meet the highest products that meet the highest quality standards.

We create our solutions in line with our values as a family-owned company and driven by a constant search for innovation. and driven by the constant search for innovation, which we see as the engine innovation, which we believe is the engine that drives the transformation and growth of companies. companies.

We have three production plants throughout the country, with more than 150 employees and an international presence. 150 collaborators and with international presence, which allows us to have the infrastructure and personnel to meet the specific needs of each client. specific needs of each client.


High quality products from our own production and international alliances for the foundry area; sand, ferro molybdenum, sleeves, refractory paints and resins.

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Production of ammonium nitrate solutions and fertilizer supplements Production of silicates.

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Antifreeze, Sodium Potassium Silicate and Potassium Silicate and Chemical Formulations.

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Supplier of inputs and services for the salmon industry.

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mayo 15, 2024

Innovación mundial de las tecnologías para una fundición eficiente llega a Chile con la representación de ICP y ASK.

Para aprovechar la experiencia mundial de los líderes en tecnologías de fundición, realizamos un evento para presentar los avances tecnológicos en el mundo de la fundición, reuniendo a los principales actores y usuarios del país en materia de fundición.

quipasur perú News
febrero 2, 2024

Trazando Nuevos Horizontes en la Industria de la Fundición: Quipasur Explora Oportunidades en Perú

Quipasur recientemente viajó a Perú para visitar a nuestro distribuidor, C&T Representaciones, con el objetivo de explorar nuevas oportunidades en la industria de la fundición. Durante nuestra visita, colaboramos con…

Quipasur and CyT Representaciones Join Forces in the Foundry Sector in Peru News
November 9, 2023

Commitment to Excellence: Quipasur and CyT Representations Join Forces in the Peruvian Foundry Sector

Last week, our Quipasur team traveled to Peru to celebrate a partnership that will undoubtedly leave a significant footprint in the foundry sector. We are pleased to formally announce to the market...


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