40 years of trajectory

Quipasur is a leading company in the segments in which it participates. Of national origin, it has production plants in Nos, Lo Espejo and Coronel. It was founded in 1980 by Renato Casas del Valle. Today it is located in San Bernardo (headquarters) and has more than 150 employees, including executives, professionals and skilled workers.

We have extensive experience and leadership available to the demanding Foundry and Mining industry. We also have important alliances with Rebisa, Resinas del Bio Bio who support us with resins for the wood industry, and Pinturas Hewstone experts in industrial paints, construction and retail.

At Quipasur we know that the market evolves, that is why our technologies anticipate future needs with research and development. In this way we satisfy the demands, offering our successful experience in the markets of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

The business areas that Quipasur currently operates are:

Quipasur Group of Companies


The human team is made up of professionals (metallurgical engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, commercial engineers), technicians and skilled and committed operators, within a defined organizational structure, with a lot of experience in the industry.

This makes it possible to sustain a work philosophy based on four fundamental pillars:

With the customer for process improvement, quality improvement and cost reduction.

and continuous updating of technical knowledge.



We are the main exporter of foundry products in Chile, Peru and Argentina.

We have a laboratory and comply with all the respective safety standards.

At QUIPASUR we understand that a fundamental element for our productivity and growth is the well-being of our employees.

This is why we strive every day to develop a people-centered business management that protects the life, physical integrity and health of our own workers and those of our contractors, as well as other people in the vicinity of our operations.

Likewise, it is committed to respecting the environment and seeking continuous improvement in these matters.