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Foundry, Exothermic Handles, Furan Resins, Exothermic Handles, Agrochemicals, Animal Nutrition, Powdered Minerals, Salmon Industry, Chemicals, Chemical Laboratory, Antifreeze, Salmon farming, Foundry Sand, Foundry Sleeves, Sodium Silicate, Potassium Silicate, Animal Nutrition smart block, Animal nutrition smart premix, Potassium Silicates, Powdered minerals, Resins for the wood industry, Chemical formulations, Animal nutrition, Salmon industry, Paints for salmon farming, Main exporter in smelting, Mineral supplements, Smelting Chile, Exports from chile, peru, argentina Santiago, Chile

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Quipasur and CyT Representaciones Join Forces in the Foundry Sector in Peru

Commitment to Excellence: Quipasur and CyT Representations Join Forces in the Peruvian Foundry Sector

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Last week, our Quipasur team traveled to Peru to celebrate a partnership that will undoubtedly leave a significant mark on the foundry sector.

We are pleased to formally announce to the Peruvian market our commercial relationship with CyT Representations, a leader in the foundry industry in Peru. This alliance represents a solid commitment to drive innovation and excellence in a sector that is growing rapidly.

It is a testament to the trust and respect we have built over the years and a recognition of the importance of joining forces to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead in the foundry area.

We thank all those who have made this union possible. We are sure that this is the first step towards a promising and successful future.

Quipasur contributes to the preservation of the oceans by obtaining Directemar Certification for its Antifouling Paints.

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Quipasur with its antifouling paint product Equnet has passed the evaluation process obtaining the Directemar Certificate, becoming a contribution to the protection of the oceans.

What is the Directemar certificate?

Currently, obtaining Directemar certification for disinfectants, detergents, antiparasitics, dispersants, absorbents and other chemical products (fungicides, preservatives, among others) has become a fundamental requirement for any company wishing to market these products.

Obtaining Directemar certification is a mandatory process for any type of product that may have direct or indirect contact with the sea. This regulation is supported by the Dirección General del Territorio Marítimo y de Marina Mercante.

Failure to obtain this certification can lead to significant penalties, which makes it an unavoidable standard for the industry. However, beyond regulations and fines, this certification is a commitment to the environment and the preservation of the marine ecosystem, an imperative demand from the salmon industry and a "duty" towards the sustainability of our oceans.

The main objective of this certification is to ensure that the products comply with the necessary requirements to request authorization for use under the jurisdiction of the National Maritime Authority. The Maritime Authority has the important task of monitoring and ensuring compliance with international conventions and legal regulations related to the preservation of the marine ecosystem.

It is important to note that docks, maritime facilities, fixed or floating platforms and naval artifacts, in general, require the use of chemical products for the maintenance and conservation of their structures, and all these products must comply with established standards.

Companies that achieve this certification have undergone a rigorous process of evaluation of their products, a process which, if successful, confirms that they are suitable for use in the marine environment.

The review process consists of the inspection of ecological and chemical risks. In order to obtain certification, it is necessary to provide a series of essential data, including:

  1. Datasheet: Complete technical details of the product.
  2. Material Safety Data Sheet: Information on hazards and safety precautions.
  3. Acute and Chronic Toxicity Bioassays: Assessment of short- and long-term toxicity.
  4. Chemical Composition: Detailed description of the chemical components.
  5. Physical-Chemical Properties: Data on the physical and chemical properties of the product.
  6. Commercial Label: Information on product labeling.
  7. Environmental Persistence Study: Half-life of the product in the environment.
  8. Bioconcentration factor: Bioaccumulation assessment.
  9. PEC Study (Exposure - Expected and/or Measured Concentration in the Environment): Evaluation of the concentration of the product in the environment.

Obtaining Directemar certification is not only a legal obligation, but a commitment to sustainability and the protection of the marine environment. It helps to ensure that our oceans remain healthy and free of pollutants harmful to marine life and, ultimately, to the ecological balance of our planet.

quipasur smelting

Quipasur at the GIFA Fair in Germany

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Quipasur traveled to Germany to Düsseldorf to attend the GIFA Fair, the most relevant event for the foundry industry worldwide. This took place from June 12 to 16. The main pillars addressed in this edition of the event were sustainability, digitalization, circular economy and the production of new technologies.

The Quipasur delegation, headed by Ricardo Hermosilla, Foundry Manager, Marco Salazar, Development Manager, Fernando Baltra, Director and Raúl Silva, General Manager, was present during the event, sharing with international suppliers and customers.

Quipasur's visit to the GIFA Fair was highly fruitful, fulfilling all the expectations established in terms of establishing new contacts, exploring new technologies and generating contact with international suppliers. In addition, they had the opportunity to meet with two of their main clients, thus strengthening their business relationship.

During the fair, Quipasur was pleased to find new international suppliers of products, raw materials and machinery. The main objective of the acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery is the modernization of processes. These machines offer greater productivity and speed, which will improve costs, strengthen production control and achieve absolute homogeneity in the production line. This investment is made in order to maintain quality and remain at the forefront of the market, in a constant effort to keep up to date with the latest technology and continuously improve production processes without lowering quality standards.

Quipasur's participation in the fair provided a valuable opportunity to expand its network of contacts, acquire knowledge about new technologies and reaffirm its commitment to excellence in the foundry industry. Meetings were also held with Quipasur's distributor in Peru (CyT), with whom a strategic alliance was signed for the Peruvian market.

Quipasur, being aligned with global requirements and the demands of its customers, has established strategic alliances with international suppliers and partners, seeking to generate new contacts and resume business relationships to expand its product offering and add new products to its catalog. Quipasur has also consolidated its relationship with ASK, a company that also participated in the fair and with which it shares a range of manufactured products. Through these actions, Quipasur positions itself as a competitive and constantly evolving company, ready to meet the needs of the global market.

Quipasur ME Elecmetal

Quipasur has been recognized for its outstanding excellence as a supplier to ME Elecmetal.

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Quipasur was recognized for its excellence as one of the most important outstanding suppliers of the company ME Elecmetal in the recent Critical Supplier Assessment 2023. This distinction is the result of an exhaustive evaluation process carried out by ME Elecmetal, a leader in the mining consumables industry.

In the process, several aspects were analyzed, including the quality of the material or service provided by Quipasur, compliance with deadlines and delivery quantities, as well as its performance in terms of health, occupational safety and the environment.

Quipasur stood out as an outstanding supplier of foundry supplies and products, obtaining the highest "A" rating, being qualified as a reliable supplier in each area mentioned, demonstrating an outstanding quality in the products or services supplied, as well as a high level of compliance with the agreed deadlines and quantities. In addition, the company distinguished itself for its commitment to the health and safety of its workers and care for the environment.


The high valuation of Quipasur as a key supplier highlights Quipasur's dedication, excellence and constant commitment to provide high quality solutions and meet the needs of its customers. This recognition reinforces Quipasur's positioning as a reliable company and establishes our position as leading experts in chemical solutions for the country's most important industries.

Nitracomp 25

Nitracomp 25, the liquid fertilizer that promises to revolutionize forage grasslands.

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Nitracomp 25® is a liquid fertilizer that provides a concentrated and soluble solution of modified amino methylene ureas. This product is the result of stable chemical reactions between concentrated urea and methylformadehyde, which produces a completely water soluble resin. One of the outstanding features of Nitracomp 25 is its ability to immediately release and assimilate 70% of the available nitrogen, while the remaining 30% acts as a controlled release with a long lasting effect, which can be extended between 3 to 4 weeks.

This fertilizer is specially formulated to promote vegetative development during growth stages that demand a high and prolonged supply of nitrogen. One of the benefits of foliar nitrogen is the plant's energy savings, since it avoids the process of absorption and transport of nutrients from the soil to the foliage. This means that the plant's energy consumption (derived from starches and proteins) is reduced.

Liquid fertilizer
Quipasur Nitracomp

The technical characteristics of Nitracomp 25 include the formation of long polymeric chains based on nitrogen and heterocycles during the manufacturing process of the product. These chains take longer to decompose, which provides the effect of slow nitrogen release. In addition, this fertilizer contributes to reducing leaching, volatilization and fixation losses, thus avoiding contamination of groundwater. It is also characterized by having a low Biuret content and does not generate toxicity symptoms in plants when the doses recommended by the agricultural advisor are used.

Another advantage of Nitracomp 25 is its adherent presentation, which allows an excellent retention capacity on the foliage. The film that forms on the leaves releases nitrogen slowly, through compounds such as N-methylene urea and triazones present in the long polymeric chains, allowing a gradual absorption. In addition, this fertilizer contains a rapidly absorbed nitrogen fraction in the form of urea.

Ferosor distributes Quipasur's Nitracomp 25 liquid fertilizer, and in the past month has carried out a field evaluation to demonstrate the effectiveness of Nitracomp and to show the technology developed by Quipasur in southern Chile. The main objective of these activities is to promote the efficient use of fertilizers in southern Chile.

Quipasur and Ferrosor have carried out various development and training activities in cities such as Loncoche, Los Lagos, Río Bueno, Osorno, Purranco and Puerto Varas. These activities have been led by Gerardo Ramírez, a consultant in pastoral production systems.

Liquid Fertilizer South of Chile12
Emilia Foundation in Quipasur

Emilia Foundation Talk at Quipasur

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We recently had the opportunity to organize a talk by the Emilia Foundation at Quipasur's facilities. Emilia's father, founder of the organization along with his wife Carolina Figueroa Cerna, was invited to speak about the Emilia Law, support the drunk driving prevention campaign and to talk about citizenship education.

The talk was aimed at raising awareness and prevention of drunk driving and responsible behavior in public spaces, which was a very enriching experience for all attendees.

During the talk, Emilia's father spoke about the importance of taking preventive measures to avoid traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers. He shared his personal experience and explained how the tragedy of his daughter's death inspired him to work to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving.

Emilia Foundation Talk at Quipasur

Fundación Emilia's talk at Quipasur is just a sample of the commitment to support its employees in different roles in their lives, including the family and responsibility as citizens in public spaces. Seeking at all times that, as people, members of a company and participants of this society, we find constant growth.

More information about the foundation at

Investments in improvements, innovation and new projects.

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Among the activities carried out to close the year 2022, we had the visit of Quipasur and Rebisa customers at the Resinas del Bio-Bio plant in Concepción.


This activity was organized to celebrate the start-up of projects focused on increasing the capacity of the resin reactors and the storage tanks for raw materials and finished products. In addition, we were able to celebrate the important investment made this year in improvements and optimizations in the formalin plant and the boiler.

Significant investments with which we will be able to expand our installed capacity to reach new markets, ensuring continuity of operation for our customers.

current customers. Undoubtedly, an excellent negotiation with a view to the growth of our operation in the next 20 years of our company.

During this same event, a visit was made to the UDT (Technological Development Unit), the research and development center of Resinas del Bio-Bio, where work is constantly being carried out on the creation of new products.

Quipasur and rebisa
Quipasur and rebisa

To conclude the day, a lunch was held at the Clubhouse of Club Deportivo Aleman, where our visitors were able to enjoy the nature and the good weather of the area, next to the small lagoon of the sector.

Great challenges lie ahead for Quipasur and Rebisa.

Quipasur patents new exothermic pellet that increases the efficiency of the feeding system in foundries

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Historically, foundries have used a number of materials to cover the uprights and prevent heat loss in the feeders: sands, rice husks, insulating powders and exothermic expansive powders. These, however, are not sufficiently efficient since their dosage depends on the operator and they can produce defects in the feed due to inadequate application.


To solve them and consolidate the feeding system, Quipasur designed and patented a molded tablet whose unique shape and formulation overcome these obstacles and increase system performance.

The existing alternatives on the market, such as exothermic powders, do not always work as they should. One of the most common problems is that the amount added to the upright is insufficient, which causes the solidification of a layer on top of the upright, preventing the action of atmospheric pressure on the liquid metal inside them, reducing their feeding power.

Also, when powder is poured over the top of the metal, it often spills over and does not stay on the top, causing a loss of efficiency of the feeding system, resulting in rejects and loss of parts.


In order to overcome these problems, Quipasur developed its HCP-700 exothermic covering pellet, a cylinder equipped with grooves that ensure heat transfer by radiation to the interior of the pellet, guaranteeing a rapid reaction of the exothermic components when they come into contact with the liquid metal.

The exothermic pellet created and patented by Quipasur can be applied to all types of ferrous alloys and is compatible with exothermic and insulating sleeves. It must be inserted inside the sleeves before casting.


Marco Salazar, Quipasur's Development Manager, pointed out that "one of the advantages is the operator's safety, since it is not necessary to be close to the fire line when the pieces are melted, as this goes inside the sleeve". He also highlighted "its high efficiency, given that its exclusive formulation allows insulation with a high thickness layer, which minimizes heat loss in the upper part of the uprights, this is achieved because its formula has expandable components. The expansion of an exothermic pellet is of the order of 500 times its original volume, so it completely covers the surface".


Among other advantages is the use of the correct and adequate amount for each upright size, which minimizes losses due to misuse. With HCP-700 pads, savings of approximately 15% are achieved with respect to other coating materials.


Apart from moving the operator away from the liquid metal pouring area, the use of manpower is reduced by eliminating the weighing operation of exothermic powder in different dosages depending on the diameter of the upright and avoids the operational presence of at least 1 operator in the aggregate at the time of casting, which translates into significant labor savings.

The use of exothermic pellets guarantees the production of a production with lower possibilities of losses due to shrinkage, since the difference in aggregate time is minimized and an even coverage of the upright is ensured.

All of the above translates into a lower cost operation and increased productivity.

How can agriculture cope with the biggest drought in 60 years? With cutting-edge products for better water use.

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When we talk about climate change, the first things that come to mind are record heat temperatures, natural phenomena that did not occur in certain areas before, melting glaciers and forest fires. In Chile, we have seen all of the above. However, one of the most obvious effects of global warming in the country, and in the world, is water scarcity.


Solution to water shortages 02

It is estimated that about 72% of the national surface suffers from drought and that Chile is one of the 18 countries with the highest risk of suffering water stress. The water deficit has been an urgent problem for at least a decade and, in fact, there is talk that we are in the greatest period of drought in the last 60 years.

According to the United Nations, the water footprint of global production is 70% related to food production. The World Bank estimates that more than 330 million hectares in the world have irrigation facilities. And since agriculture is one of the country's essential economic activities, both farmers and decision makers must promote a more sustainable use of water to mitigate the effects of the water crisis.

Quipasur, in its quest to be a partner for its customers, is constantly developing new products and technology that are innovative and take into account the environmental problem. That is why the company created a partnership to be the distributor of O2, a water evaporation mitigator for dams and ponds, specially formulated so that agricultural, mining, sanitary, energy and industrial companies can reduce their water losses and use this resource in a more efficient and sustainable way.

o2 Company Quipasur


O2: good for the company, good for the environment

Five years ago, Carlos Korner began developing a product that did not exist, a liquid monolayer that prevents water evaporation by up to 80%, a problem that, with rising temperatures and the lack of rainfall, has become indispensable.

"Evaporative water losses are gigantic. A third of the volume of water is lost per year. An agricultural dam in Chile loses between one and two vertical centimeters per day. If you look at the water surface in one hectare, it is 6,000 cubic meters per month. That's enough to irrigate an entire olive plantation in its entire season," says Korner, CEO of O2.

O2 Company

Quipasur, seeing the potential of the product being developed, decided to be part of the process and become an investment partner and distributor of O2, adding to its product portfolio an innovative, "made in Chile" and environmentally friendly mitigator.

"The efficiency curve of the O2 monolayer is one month, preventing water evaporation by up to 80%. In other words, if a dam of one hectare evaporates 6,000 cubic meters, with O2 it could recover 5,000 or 4,800 cubic meters, allowing companies to make better use of their water resources," says Korner, who points out that his product is also harmless, as it does not affect the fauna.

In fact, in its five years of life, O2 has already received a series of recognitions that endorse its contribution to sustainability. In 2020 they won the First Place for Environmental Innovation from the Chilean-British Chamber and were chosen among the Top 5 sustainable projects in Latin America in an initiative of CNN and the European Union called "Re-Acciona por el Clima" (Re-Acciona for the Climate).

In this sense, together with O2, Quipasur takes another step forward in innovation towards the creation and distribution of products that help its customers to overcome the water crisis, with a vision of the future and concern for the environment.

O2 CompanyO2 Company product covering a body of water


Quipasur, the local alternative that surfs the global logistics and energy crisis that will raise fertilizer prices

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The health, social and economic effects of the coronavirus did not take long to be felt as soon as it appeared at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. However, there are still some traces of this pandemic that have not yet been felt and that will reach Chile in the coming months. We are talking about the global logistics and energy crisis, which threatens to increase fertilizer and food prices. In this scenario, Quipasur, which is supplied with local raw material, is positioned as the best alternative to acquire superior quality fertilizers at stable prices.

On the one hand, the "container crisis" began along with the pandemic and the quarantines. As a precaution against a decrease in demand and cross-border restrictions due to the coronavirus, shipping lines decided to anticipate and remove vessels from some of their less profitable routes.

Some time later, when China recovered its production level and the United States - along with much of the world - did the same with its demand for products, thanks to e-commerce, the prices of goods transportation skyrocketed. The result? A 500% increase in logistics prices, infrequent routes to less attractive markets and container shortages, delays in shipments due to congestion at major ports and, therefore, a crisis affecting companies that import their products or raw materials, such as fertilizer developers.

As if that were not enough, the "container crisis" is being compounded by the "fertilizer crisis" in Europe as a result of rising gas, electricity and oil prices. Unable to meet the costs of these tariffs, two major European fertilizer manufacturers have already announced production cuts and others are expected to follow.

Both crises, which raise the costs of products and raw materials imported into Chile to levels never seen before, are passed on to the customer in the form of higher prices. However, there are alternatives. Quipasur is one of them.

Federico Walker, Supply Chain Planning Manager, explains that the main products imported to Chile in the area of fertilizers are UAN 32 and urea. Quipasur, a company that is committed to innovation and efficiency, manufactures NPK blends, its main component being Ammonium Nitrate as a source of nitrogen, which besides being a more modern and technologically advanced alternative than those previously mentioned, will not have such a high cost due to the crises.

Walker explains that this is because Quipasur buys the main NPK element, nitrogen, locally as Ammonium Nitrate, and in anticipation of the global situation, it stocked up with a large inventory, so the price of its custom-made solutions will not vary as much as the imported ones, especially now that the season is starting. Therefore, Quipasur's customers will have a better quality, tailor-made product (unlike the UAN 32) and at a more competitive price than the alternatives.

"Now is the time for farmers to try new, world-leading fertilizers to take the next step in their business development," Walker said.